Getting the Best Cell Tower Lease


There is no much surprise negotiating cell tower lease from crown castle can be a challenge especially for a first timer, negotiation for a cell tower lease it is unlike for the residential or commercial leasing where so many rules have been formalized and it’s a business understood by many. Property companies explain Often with cell tower leasing, the terms and conditions are always in favor of the telecommunication company despite them expected to make so much profit from the business. To ensure the owner gets the most from the deal, there are some tips the owner of the land can learn to ensure he/she gets a fair deal for his land instead of giving away the land and the opportunities to the communication company without much hustle.

Many scholars agree, knowledge is power and by the owner learning as much there is on cell tower leasing before signing the papers is critical. Availability of enough information is tricky however, despite there being limited information on this type of leasing, understanding how to the company will pay the dividends and when is critical to avoid delayed checks that can attract interests. Property taxes are high across different states and issues of taxes need to be addressed before hand to ensure the company is responsible for the taxes of the tower before being charged on the land levies. In the event the owner still feels inadequate, hiring a leasing company is the best move as they have years of experience on how to deal and ensure the owner gets the best deal possible. Check now to learn more.

Agreeing on the business terms is the best move before making any payments, in the event both parties disagree on the business terms then there is a probability the lease will be pointless. In the event the land owner is not keen on the business terms then he/she will ends up spending time and money reviewing the lease only to fail miserably by being shut down. Contrary to popular belief, many of the cell tower companies lease agreement the rent is not calculated on the square foot basis because some of the cell towers cover very small areas. It is then prudent that the property owner to know the value of the land as the cell tower rent is based on the value of the land its set up. It is important to understand everything is negotiable in a lease and having the tenants on the owner’s side is the best move possible. Finally, it is critical for the landowner to only sign the lease after having a full understanding of the lease, landowners need to be careful not to sign agreements because they are under pressure but out of their own will. Check this video about cell tower leasing: