All About Cell Tower Leasing


Companies that provide tower services are called cell tower companies. These towers are important because they improve cell coverage. Cell towers can be shared by two or three companies.

The cell phone tower lease consultants is a person who will help guide you before leasing your land to a wireless company or even a tower lease. Wireless companies may take advantage of individuals who don’t have consultants to negotiate good lease prices for them.

To avoid any headaches when getting into a cell tower lease agreement, involve a cell tower landlord advocate. These advocates have the experience and know the laws in different locations that pertain to cell towers.

If you receive rent money for a cell tower placed in your property, you are a cell tower lease landlord A strategic location of one’s property is what makes a desirable place to put a cell tower.

Depending on the contract between the leasing company and property owner, a onetime compensation known as a lease buyout is one method of payment.
Any valuation will consider what your property is worth, the market price for a cell tower and location of the intended cell tower. A proper valuation means you will get the best price for what you offer.

Property owners should ensure that they get tower lease contract for their own protection when dealing with the lease company. A consultant will help you understand your rights as a property owner where the cell tower is placed.

Based on experience, one can get a better deal during a lease renewal because it is a chance to start again. Consultants ensure that property owners get good value for leased properties during lease renewals.

Annual escalators means that every year property owners get a rent percentage pay that takes inflation into account instead of term escalators which could mean one percentage for four years.

Rooftop cell site upgrades are done to improve network coverage. Drawings by cell tower companies on upgrades they intend to do should be given to property owners to make them aware of the changes. Property owners should ensure that they receive consent letters before changes are made to rooftop cell sites.

Finally, don’t sign contracts or consent letters without consulting your advocate. Don’t think that you don’t have options when a cell tower company comes knocking but stay open to other options. Buyouts are not the only rent payment methods so consider other payment methods that will suit you best. Property owners benefit more through annual payment terms instead of term escalators. Check this video about cell tower leasing: